Andrea Macarie

Andrea Macarie is Senior EA to the CEO of Telefonica Alpha*

She is an award winning Assistant with 10+ years of experience supporting C-level executives. In 2013 she was granted the 2nd prize in the “Executive Assistant of the Year” competition organized by Page Personnel Spain. In 2014 she was the overall winner of the “Excellence Award” given by the European Management Assistants Association (currently IMA) on its 40th anniversary in Paris. Andrea holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting, an MA in Management Assistance, a Postgraduate diploma in Marketing, and is a facilitator of Oxford Leadership’s “Leading Self” programme at the corporate university. Andrea is fluent in 5 languages and writes and talks about a variety of topics she has formal training and practical experience in, such as innovation, change management, self-leadership and corporate culture & communication.

*Telefonica Alpha is a long-term innovation unit based in Barcelona. Set-up within Telefonica, one of the world’s biggest telecoms company, Alpha was created to address some of the world’s biggest and most intractable challenges by conceiving and delivering radical solutions and breakthrough technology.

Andrea’s Session:

The game-changing EA

In this session, Andrea will discuss the future of our profession in the context of organizational change and technological advances. Most of us have tested several AI assistants by now and I believe we should not feel threatened by technology but embrace it as a way to work smarter.  AI assistants are content-based and, as we know, our role involves much more; context, social and emotional intelligence add real value and place us as strategic business partners to our executives. We will brainstorm on how future-proof our jobs are by analyzing which tasks can be automated in order to create space for the ones that require intuition, creativity, trial and error; these make us unique & game-changing and help us to remain relevant in the future. Andrea encourages all Assistants to see change as an opportunity and technology as an enabler to unleash their potential and become the best version of themselves.

Key aspects covered:

– Innovation distinguishes between a reactive and a proactive assistant

– From operational to strategic business partner

– Leading yourself through change

– The importance of training and development #neverstoplearning

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Twitter @andreamacarie