Asemblr giving you the chance and opportunity to have smarter event planning at your fingertips.


We all know that event organising can sometimes be one of the toughest tasks we may have to do as an assistant, but now you have the opportunity to make your work life and the overall event organising process a lot smoother and free-flowing from start to finish.

Asemblr will give you the option to make your event process as smooth and problem free as possible, with a varied amount of resources and opportunities to choose from that will help you to keep one step ahead of the crowd, now is the time to check what Asemblr can do for you.

Asemblr is the latest online platform that allows you to plan and arrange all aspects of your event at your fingertips. Currently only set with choices to arrange your event in the UK, Ireland and surrounding areas, Asemblr will soon roll out the option to organise your events around the world. This means that Asemblr will quickly become one of the top platforms worldwide when it comes to arranging and organising everything you need for your event needs in one place.

With a wide range of venues, speakers & suppliers all in one place, Asemblr helps to keep all your event preference together and in one easy to find place. An easy to use yet diverse platform Asemblr stands out from the crowd and will give you the chance to make that unique and desired event you’ve always wanted to plan and make it happen in a timely manner.

There has been a lot of time and effort into putting together the directory that includes hundreds of venues, speakers and suppliers which are there for you to use and make your event(s) have that unique feeling that you have always desired. Whether you are looking to plan a simple business meeting, a social event or something in between Asemblr will give you the options you need to make this happen.

No matter what you may be looking for, the Asemblr platform will give you the option to keep the  full event organising process as smooth as possible throughout, it will also give you the opportunity to keep all of your ideas, options and choices in one place, which will allow you to keep lists and keep on track of your plans as you progress through the event process.

Asemblr can be easily integrated with other systems you may be using in your workplace, making it a smooth and straightforward option to keep all your event needs in one place, especially if you are working in a team. With a smooth flowing website which allows automation at your fingertips whether you be in the office, on the go, or wherever you may be, Asemblr is the next big and upcoming event platform for all event organisers.

Have you read this and want to know more? If so make sure to visit Asemblr to see what it has to offer for your event needs, visit them now on Asemblr will also be at the Birmingham PA awards this Friday (20 July 2018), so if you’re there as well, make sure to pop along and say hello in person.

When using Asemblr, please make sure to spread the word and Tweet about them using the hashtag #heyAsemblr. We want as many assistants out there to know about and take advantage of Asemblr to see what it has to offer, so what are you waiting for? Jump on board and see what it has to offer for you and your team.


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Matthew Want

Matthew Want is Personal Assistant to Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing, publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine. Matthew is an integral part of the team, organising events in the UK, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, Washington DC. and Australia. Matthew’s career achievements range from being ranked 3 out of 250 on the Eventopedia PA power list 2016; featured in articles in Exceptional EA and Eventopedia throughout 2015; profiled with his CEO in Exceptional EA; and profiled in Executive Secretary Magazine in 2014. He was nominated for the Excellence Award at EUMA 2014 and for the London PA Awards 2016. Matthew is an aspiring male assistant and a role model who is leading the way within the PA industry for all male assistants, demonstrating his drive, passion and enthusiasm for the role.

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