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Everything you want is out there waiting for you. But you have to take action to get it!

#AskForTraining took place over a two-week period from 9th – 20th September 2019. It is a ten-day discovery process, to help you to decide on what skills training you need and how to approach your Manager for the budget to attend. The team has been working hard to build a bank of resources, films, free training and a workbook to help you to source and ask for the training you need.

But don’t worry if you are late to the party. When you sign up it kicks off a 10-day campaign that will begin at the beginning so you can still take part.

We are also continuously updating a full calendar of events for the next 12 months with training and networking opportunities right the way across the world, so that you can find exactly what you need, in the location where you need it.

Our hashtag is #AskForTraining so you can also follow all the action by searching social media via the hashtag. Join our Facebook or LinkedIn groups to follow along with the campaign. You can find both by searching for Executive Secretary Magazine. Or follow me on Twitter @lucybrazier.

This campaign can be the beginning of anything you want but you will need to take action.

We are so excited to bring you these much-needed tools, all in one place. We must keep learning because we need experience, education and an environment of people who will challenge us to be bigger, better, faster and stronger! It’s time to take the bull by the horns and #AskForTraining.

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If you have any questions, you can email either Kathleen Drum or Lucy Brazier for advice and assistance.

Or if you can’t wait, want to access it all now and #askfortraining today then links to each of the daily emails is below, together with links to all our resources.

Day One

Click here for our Welcome email for Day One which has links to our workbook, an introductory video and our ‘I’m Taking Part’ logo.

Today’s quote is from Oprah Winfrey:

Day Two

Click here for our Day Two email. Today’s topic is ‘Why Invest in You and Your Training‘. To support today’s workbook activity, we have created an e-book packed with articles. We have three article recommendations today, as well as a series of videos over on the YouTube Channel. We encourage you particularly to watch Anel Martin’s video on what training will do for your personal brand. Watch Lucy’s video for Day Two here.

Today’s quote is from Denis Waitley:

Day Three

Click here for our Day Three email. Today’s topic is ‘What are your current skills gaps?‘.  Inside your workbook, you will find our our competency self-assessment, covering four areas of hard skills, soft skills and competencies that assistants use every day.  Our e-book article today is from Kemetia Foley.  You will also find new videos over on our YouTube Channel, including some great tips from Alice Scutchey.  Lucy’s video for Day Three is here.

Today’s quote is from Theodore Roosevelt:

Day Four

Click here for the email from Day Four. Today you need to analyse your self-assessment, and work out your top three training needs. Don’t forget to fill out your workbook.  Our articles today are from Sandy Geroux and Eth Lloyd. Both can be found in our ebook. You can also view videos from both Sandy and Eth over on our YouTube Channel, as well as Lucy’s video for Day Four.

Bonnie Low-Kramen has recorded an #adminchat especially for our #AskForTraining campaign which is available here. It’s really powerful and well worth a watch.

Today’s quote is from John C Maxwell:

Day Five

We are halfway through our 10-day challenge!

Click here for our Day Five email. Today we are going to look at two things – learning styles and your commitment to training. Take the quiz to identify your learning style and read the accompanying article from the inspirational Lindsay Taylor in our  e-book. Fill out your workbook with the results, and check out the new videos over on our YouTube Channel. Lucy’s video for Day Five is here.

Today’s quote is from Benjamin Franklin:

Day Six

Click here for the email from Day Six. Today’s task is to work out the best window of time to undertake training. You can make your time out of the office easier by having a comprehensive Administrative Procedures Manual.  Click here for an article on this topic from Julie Perrine, or visit her website. Don’t forget to fill in your workbook and visit our YouTube Channel for videos from Lindsay Taylor, Lisa Olsen, Corrie Fourie & Shelagh Donnelly.  Lucy’s video for Day Six is here.

Today’s quote is from Abigail Adams:

Day Seven

Click here for our Day Seven email. Today’s topic is ‘researching available trainers and events’.  Our e-book contains two articles on this topic, from Melba Duncan and Joan Burge, and the email includes links to Julie Perrine’s list of her favourite conferences. Visit our events calendar and speaker bureau for suggestions.  Choose your trainer and/or training event and write it in your workbook. Visit our YouTube Channel and watch Lucy’s video for Day Seven.

Today’s quote is from Maya Angelou:

Day Eight

Click here for the email from Day Eight. Today’s topic is ‘preparing the necessary paper work‘.  We have two training resources for you today – a webinar from the tech genius that is Vickie Sokol Evans and our business case template. In our e-book, there are articles that from Julie Perrine and Andrew Jardine that you need to read. Remember to complete the checklist in the workbook and visit our YouTube Channel.  Lucy’s video for Day Eight is here.

Today’s quote from Stephen Covey:

Day Nine

Click here for our Day Nine email. Today’s task is to book a meeting with your executive to discuss your training needs. In your workbook, you will find a sample email that you can tailor to your needs to #askfortraining. There are more resources and videos on our YouTube channel including powerful messages and tips on asking for training from Julie Perrine, Heather Baker, Julia Schmidt, Pepita Soler and Peggy Vasquez. Lucy’s video for Day Nine is here.

Click here to view Lucy’s #adminchat on #AskForTraining.

Today’s quote is from the Dalai Lama:

Day Ten

Click here for the email from Day Ten. It’s the final day of our #AskForTraining campaign! In your workbook, you will find a template that allows you to send all the information ahead of the meeting to back up your request. Today is the day to #AskForTraining. Click here to  watch Lucy’s final #askfortraining video. Catch up on all the new content and resources you may have missed over on our YouTube Channel.

Today’s quote:

We hope that lots of you will post the logo below on social media once you have asked for training. It will encourage those that have not found the courage to do so to be inspired to follow suit.



There is a blue logo in your workbook and below, which says ‘I got training’. Please share this once your training is approved.


If you have any questions, you can email either Kathleen Drum or Lucy Brazier for advice and assistance.