Bonnie Low Kramen

Bonnie Low-Kramen is the Founder of Ultimate Assistant and is one of the most respected leaders in the administrative profession.

She was named 2015 Educator of the Year by DEMA, the Domestic Estate Managers Association. The bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant, she is known for her passionate commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in the global workplace. For 25 years, Bonnie worked as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and now travels the world teaching and speaking. Clients include Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Entertainment, Dell, and MasterCard. Bonnie co-hosts the monthly “Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast” with Vickie Sokol Evans, available on iTunes. She is a columnist for Executive Secretary Magazine and SmartCEO Magazine, and is a contributing writer to many other international publications.  For more information: Bonnie will be speaking at Executive Secretary LIVE in Washington DC in November. For full details of the programmes and all the speakers please visit

Bonnie’s Sessions:

Why Women Need to Help Other Women Succeed        

The idea of women helping other women succeed in 2017 bumps up against the way we are socialized as young girls. Bonnie Low-Kramen advocates a new and better way for women to help one another succeed not only because it is the right thing to do but because it is smart business, not to mention a whole lot more fun.

Bonnie’s other session is a very personal interview with her partner in crime, Vickie Sokol Evans.

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