Catherine Williamson

Catherine Williamson is EA to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet in the Church of England and the Co-Founder of Network PA SW1. 

Born in Staffordshire, brought up in the North East of England, she now lives in Guildford and works in Reading.  Catherine has worked for the Church and for Christian organisations for 19 years, including Westminster Abbey – highlights of her career involve meeting HM the Queen during the Royal Maundy service at Westminster Abbey, working at the Abbey at the wedding of HRH Prince William to Catherine Middleton in 2011 and the setting up of Network PA SW1 with Gill Quirk.

Catherine’s Session:

The very real benefits of having a professional network for you and your organisation

Network PA SW1 has been running for over four years during which its co-founders and members have discovered many real benefits of networking.  Catherine (and Gill Quirk) will share real examples of these with those joining the webathon from their own unique perspectives.

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