Debbi Shaffer

Debbi Shaffer is the Audacious Admin.

Debbi Shaffer, founder of Audacious Admin and Audacious Divas, is a passionate individual. Those that know her via her professional development blog, Audacious Admin, know she is passionate about elevating the administrative profession, but as a breast cancer survivor, she is also passionate about finding a cure. Her charity, Audacious Divas, has raised thousands of dollars to fund a cure and raise awareness.

Debbi specializes in training Administrative Professionals to provide job confidence and encouragement to become strategic business partners with their executives. With a background including over 20 years of customer service & C-Suite administrative support, she speaks from experience.

Debbi’s Sessions:

Debbi will be taking part in two sessions; 

Audacious Travel Planning Tips with TRAVO

Travel planning for others can be a complicated puzzle. In this discussion, Debbi Shaffer, The Audacious Admin, and Tae Lee, Founder & CEO of TRAVO, share some tips on how to look awesome and plan the perfect trip for your travelers. They focus on new technology and tips on how you can make the trip a success every time.

Let’s Talk about Breast Cancer – a conversation with Lucy Brazier & Eth Lloyd .

Eth Lloyd and Debbi Shaffer, both breast cancer survivors, discuss with Lucy Brazier how breast cancer has impacted their lives. This honest dialog touches on their personal experiences and focuses on helping you understand the challenges of breast cancer and ways you can help family or friends facing similar diagnosis.

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