Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas From Office

Doug Thomas used to review movies and rent you–or your parents–VHS tapes. After 8 years at Amazon—doing much of the same thing—he came to Microsoft Office to get away from all of that. While being a site manager, he had an idea to get other people to create videos about Office. That idea turned into a new job of creating videos and training content for including the Office 15-Minute Webinars and his current series, Doug from Office. However, none of his videos are on VHS.

Doug’s Session:

Being Creative Like a Cow           

Having created two popular help and how-to series at Microsoft Office (one on video, the other a live weekly webinar), I had to set myself up to think more creatively in order to create content more regularly (you can’t rely on eureka! moments). Join me to learn how you too can be more creative at work by using some simple techniques and down-to-earth research that I have found effective. And yes, I’ll explain why you need to be a cow. Cows are creative beasts!

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