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Office Dynamics: Live E-Learning Courses for Executive and Administrative Assistants with Joan Burge – ONLINE/WEBINAR

June 7, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

| US$99.00

The Office Dynamics’ live e-learning courses for executive and administrative assistants will be just as if you were in a classroom with administrative pioneer and visionary, Joan Burge. Joan brings her 47 years’ experience to each class and tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it!

These live classes are not your typical online courses or webcasts. Each class is a deep dive into a specific topic relative to the administrative and executive assistant profession with actionable items. You will be able to present your questions during class using the chat and Joan will respond. Sometimes you will be viewing PowerPoints slides and other times you will be seeing Joan, making your class much more personal.

You will receive . . .

  • A special registration link to the course that is unique to you.
  • A participant handout that can also be used as a desk reference guide. (Not all courses have a handout)
  • Certificate of Completion with CEUs for each class you complete.
  • “In Class” desk tent card template.
  • Professional Development Plan template.

Other benefits include . . .

  • Attend and interact with Joan live.
  • No travel.
  • Engaging presentation.


Please choose a course or courses from the list below. Click on the + to learn more and register. All courses are scheduled but may not be available for purchase at this time. Please contact us if you’re interested or check back soon for purchasing options.

Group Licenses

You may want to attend the live courses or watch the recording with your administrative peers. Please call our office for pricing. Only one (1) person will receive the necessary link for the live course so you will want to gather in one place to attend the session with Joan Burge.

Please read the E-Learning Help & FAQs to avoid connection issues and more. If you have any other questions, please call 800-STAR-139.

Upcoming Live E-Courses

What’s the best way to earn the recognition and rewards you deserve from management for your outstanding efforts each and every day? And how can you use the wide range of skills, talents, resources, and information at your disposal to influence executive decisions and boost the bottom line?

  • Explore new opportunities to support key executives, earning their recognition and respect.
  • Discover the most effective ways to market yourself as an invaluable asset.
  • Find out which all-too-common, yet highly outdated work practices can hinder your career.
  • Empower yourself and take action.
  • Become an advocate for your leader.


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