Gretchen Breuner

After working with –and eventually turning away– a number of private clients on how to find and get speaking gigs, Gretchen Breuner figured out that it was the “Talent’s” team, or VA, that could really benefit from her speaker training. She saw that when the VA can find their clients speaking gigs, the VA would be in demand, make more money and attract more clients, more easily.

Gretchen’s Session:

How to attract new clients and make more money in your VA Business

Finding and booking speaking gigs for your clients will help you make more money. Be the solution to a very common problem amongst executives: learn how to find and book speaking opportunities. Whether you’re serving one client, or multiple clients, stand apart from your competition, add value, and attract new clients faster and easier by offering speaker support services.

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Special Offer:

Gretchen’s training is normally offered for $997, but she has created a special link for our group where the training is only $497, so you save 50%!

PLUS, for every sale, $200 will go straight to Vickie to help cover medical expenses.

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