Haydee Antezana

A defining moment as a 23-year-old Lóreal intern, led Haydee to a successful 20-year career as an Impression Management Specialist.

On that particular day in an executive boardroom, she decided she would never again throw away a lifetime opportunity like she just had. She began researching, studying, and networking with successful people.  She soon discovered that these amazing individuals were not born with a success gene. They learn and implement skills so when they when they walk into a room their presence captivates you. When they speak, they have you hanging on their every word.

She ferociously applied everything she learned and 4 years later, she became the youngest marketing manager of the world’s no. 1 cosmetic brand. From then on she became “obsessed” with Packaging People for Success.

Haydee has empowered thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. She has also coached celebrity clients, 13 country pageant holders and Miss World 2014.
Today, she meets individuals daily with brilliant minds and advanced degrees – amazing people but shocking marketers of their own brand. The world will never know them. What wasted potential. She doesn’t want this for you.

Haydee’s session:

First Impressions in a Distraction Economy.

Do first impressions still matter in today’s fast paced business world? We live in a time when we compete against weapons of mass distraction. Join Haydee’s session if you want to discover:

  • Why attention is the most valuable commodity today?
  • How to be a star in your own movie.
  • How to apply the strategies powerful brands use to increase memorability.
  • How to add brand distinction to avoid extinction.

If you are ready to:

  • Enhance your credibility.
  • Create new opportunities.
  • Accelerate your career success.
  • Gain the recognition and bank balance you deserve.

Don’t miss out on this session.

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