Helen Monument

After a career in hospitality, Helen held positions as Management & Executive Assistant with international companies including Dow Chemical and Progress Software.  Helen joined Shell Aircraft in 2008 as PA to the VP and Office Manager, leading the Business Support team.

Helen recently created a unique Mentoring Circle “Secrets of a Successful Assistant” for the Women’s Network at Shell, sharing her experiences with 15 assistants.  A member of International Management Assistants (IMA), Helen served as Association Secretary, then as European Chairman. Helen is a passionate and enthusiastic conference speaker, workshop leader and coach.

Helen’s Session:


Group Results through Effective Team Action

How often have you been to a meeting……

When you asked yourself ‘what on earth am I doing here?’

When you didn’t know what was on the agenda till the meeting started?

When two people dominated the conversation?

When timing went out the window as the discussions went on and on?

When you left the meeting assigned with all the actions?

When the meeting was over and still nothing had been decided?

Then this Webinar with GRETA is for you!

Using GRETA for your meetings can put an end to all this frustration and inefficiency:

  • Better Decisions
  • Increased Commitment
  • Time Saving
  • Improved Performance

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