Lisa Olsen

Lisa advocates continuous learning and encourages administrative professionals to expand their potential, take initiative and engage in being “relationship engineers.”

She is currently the Executive Assistant to the CEO/Clerk of the Board at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, a metropolitan planning organization. She is the co-owner of Admin to Admin, presenting fresh, stimulating and creative one day educational events for assistants.

Lisa taught at the junior college level and developed curriculum for the Administrative Professional Certificate program. She is a past member of the Advisory Council for the Administrative Professionals Conference and a repeat presenter at the IAAP International Forum, Behind Every Leader conferences, CA Women’s Conferences and the Office Dynamics Annual Forum where she is a Certified Trainer for Star Achievement and World Class Assistant courses.

As a faculty member for the Especially for Youth program sponsored by Brigham Young University, she facilitates summer workshops for youth age 14-18 on leadership, integrity, spiritual growth and family values.

Lisa’s Session:

The Agile Assistant: Emotional Resiliency in the Changing Workplace

How do you handle a challenging day at the office? Can you take constructive criticism? If something goes wrong, do you shrug it off or take it personally? Have you ever been let go from a job because you let your emotions get the best of you?

The concept of emotional resilience will grow in prominence as the corporate landscape changes and administrative professionals feel pressure to produce more with fewer resources. It’s a high-level administrative skill. The ability to interact well with others, respond to needs and priorities, and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment are essential skills for today’s office professionals. And it’s about more than just holding back the tears.

This webinar will get to the nuts and bolts of the practicality of emotional resilience. We will look at what influences emotional resiliency, the characteristics of the resilient administrative professional, and discuss effective methods for demonstrating personal emotional resilience during challenging times.

This session will teach you:

  • The difference between emotional intelligence and emotional resiliency.
  • Why emotions are necessary, and how to categorize them for greater resiliency.
  • The difference between resistance and resiliency.
  • Why we resist change and how self-defeating behaviors weaken our resiliency.
  • Strategies for optimizing and adapting to change and stressful situations.
  • The eight “Thinking Traps” that sabotage our resiliency.
  • Traits of the resilient administrative professional.
  • Tools for getting beyond the “permanent white water” and how to surf in the new office environment.

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