Melissa Esquibel

Melissa Esquibel specializes in transforming those confused by technology into empowered users of their software tools. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with more than 30 years in business application technology, Melissa has a unique ability to make learning programs enjoyable and valuable. She is a mainstay at administrative professional conferences in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the contributing editor for Office Technology Today, Business Management Daily’s monthly technology newsletter. She presents over 50 webinars a year on Microsoft Office topics. (also see )

Melissa’s Session:

Managing Projects with Outlook and Excel         

Virtually every admin pro manages projects. Learn how the tools you use every day can create a robust project management solution. Leverage the power of Outlook and Excel to create a seamless process that allows you to spin out another successful project plan in a few clicks.

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