Dr Monica Seeley

Dr Monica Seeley is the CEO and founder of Mesmo Consultancy.  She is a leading international expert on email best practice.  Her acclaimed workshops enable participants to reclaim their lives from the inbox and save up to 45 minutes a day (every working day) through managing their use of email more efficiently. Monica is author of Brilliant Email and The Executive Secretary Guide to Taking Control of Your Inbox. For more tips and guidelines, see the Mesmo Consultancy video ‘Don’t Be Distracted by Every New Emails’ at http://www.mesmo.co.uk/videos/2017/01/dont-be-distracted-by-every-new-email/.  To use the on-line email addiction tool go to http://www.mesmo.co.uk/assess-yourself/email-addiction-self-audit/. Like our new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BrilliantEmail for more resources and competitions.

Dr Monica’s Session:

Taking Control of Your Inbox     

Learn how to save up to 30 minutes a day dealing with your (and your boss’s) email by:

  • Reducing the volume of email you need to handle.
  • Stepping outside the inbox and encouraging other to do the same.
  • Using great email etiquette to catch people’s attention without appearing rude.
  • Lowering email stress.
  • Disconnecting from the inbox when away from the office.

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