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Dr Lawrence Ampofo is the founder and CEO of Digital Mindfulness, a digital innovation company that provides research, advisory, and events focusing on ethical and responsible digital transformation. He has been at the forefront of shaping the global discussion on ethical tech, responsible tech and digital wellbeing since 2013.  Lawrence hosts the popular podcast Digital Mindfulness and is a professional speaker, delivering presentations and trainings to organisations around the world on the evolving impact of socio-technical cultures in the workplace.

Lawrence is multilingual and will share up to date data-driven research and insights on the impact of technology on employees and in the workplace, inspiring you to create a digital environment that fits around your unique needs and personality. During Lawrence’s academic and industry careers, audiences have praised him for his innovative perspectives, science-based insights and inspiring delivery.

His warm and assured voice are balanced by an assured poise that inspires confidence and a willingness to learn more in audiences around the world.

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Lawrence Ampofo
  • Lawrence’s talk was a true delight. Thoughtful and insightful, it clarified what most of today’s overloaded users would figure out if only they weren’t so overloaded, to begin with

    - Dr Nathan Zeldes Director of Information Overload Research Group -

  • Lawrence was incredible! We were so lucky to have his brilliance on display today

    - Spredfast/Khoros -

  • Lawrence has this rare combination of insight, expertise, humility and compassion that, in my mind, makes him truly remarkable and an inspiration

    - Nathalie Nahai, Author, Award-winning Speaker and Host of The Hive Podcast -

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