Motivational Speaker and Founder, C&C Search

Passionate, fun and straight-talking, Lucy Chamberlain has become one of the business world’s popular motivational speakers. Lucy’s business journey as a Founder has seen her work as a TV presenter, Awards Judge and Leading Coach. She won the Female Speaker’s Award for Most Engaging Speaker at the Female Speaker’s Conference in 2019.

With a 20-year career tracking the industry’s leading recruitment companies, Lucy founded C&C Search to redefine and elevate client and candidates’ recruitment experience.

Coming through a challenging personal time as a single mum, Lucy set out to re-align her career to her purpose-driven perspective, building a multi-million-pound business that allows her rapidly expanding team to fulfil their own career goals.

A champion for women in business, Lucy and the C&C team actively collaborate with other female-led businesses. A mentor to her team, Lucy believes encouraging teams holistically, and nurturing happy, engaged, market-leading talent has the most impact on a company’s success.  With a focus on social consciousness and legacy, it’s this foundation that serves to empower, captivate and delight C&C’s clients as they grow their own businesses.

Recently awarded “Most Engaging Speaker” at the Female Speakers Conference & Awards, Lucy wishes to use her platform to encourage others to use their own voice.

As a speaker, Lucy leaves an audience motivated, empowered and armed with tools to support a life and career that serves the individual better.

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Lucy Chamberlain
  • What a speaker!!! Lucy, we are all feeling so motivated and inspired to take action and achieve our goals. You are such an inspirational person and we all gained so much from your talk.

    Thank you so much for making the time for us today, we will have you back very soon.

    - Julie Morel, Lloyds -

  • Lucy is an incredible and inspiring speaker. She is so engaging and relatable. We love working with C & C and they are one of our favourite recruitment companies in the city as they are so personable with all their clients which is so rare to find.

    - Lisa Boissel, MD, Miss Jones -

  • Lucy is a STAR! She spoke for my CWPA members and both sessions went down incredibly well. The events were oversubscribed and the feedback was 5* – I thoroughly recommend Lucy as a speaker (for various topics too) and I just hope she doesn’t get too busy with bookings as I still need her! A true advocate of the PA profession and is now someone I would call a friend too.

    - Alice Scutchey, The Canary Wharf PA Club -

  • I have attended several of Lucy’s training webinars and have come away with a list of ideas that I can apply immediately. She has a way of pulling nuggets of helpful tricks and tips from her guests that are golden. I would highly recommend Lucy’s training if you want to discover how to improve yourself and your work with ease and effective strategies.

    - Jacqueline M. Leib, CAP, Lake Forest Academy -

  • A huge thank you for our workshop today. What a brilliant session! I personally enjoyed very much.

    Thank you for giving lots of food for thought. I feel inspired and supercharged!

    - Marina Korsounskaia, Siemans -

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