Successfully connecting people, business and technology. Microsoft Certified Trainer, Productivity Coach

While it’s true that if you don’t know where you’re headed, it doesn’t matter how you get there; not asking in the first place is the sure road to disaster when it comes to significant technology infrastructure changes. Ask any business unit executive who can’t do today what she did yesterday but keeps being told that the organization is now “in a better place,” technologically speaking.

Melissa Esquibel was in the thick of early business technology innovation when hardware and systems were kept in a virtual black box, and IT gatekeepers doled out functionality within a rigid systems architecture. Now, in the present, where end-users know how to access the power of technology independently and according to the agile timelines they need, this push and pull has created quite a mess in many organizations.

With her unique experience as the conduit between the gate-keepers and the gatestormers, she offers her unique perspective as “bridge builder” to you. Her sense of humor and commonsense approach will engage your team and produce results you can take to the bank in real world time savings and effective use of your organization’s resources. She brings out the best in people, coaxing out meaningful collaboration and impactful solutions.

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Melissa Esquibel
  • She knew the material and connected with the attendees for each of the sessions. She was entertaining in a way that kept the attendees attention and made the training sessions fly by.

    - Gerald S. – Project Manager -

  • … top-notch Microsoft® Certified Trainer who is able to relate her knowledge of Microsoft software in a manner that is easy for any audience to grasp.

    - Carolyn F. – Newsletter Editor/Webinar Producer -

  • Whether you are a novice user or a veteran user, undoubtedly she will give you hands-on confidence and offer something new and interesting for your home office usage or corporate office.

    - Sharon T. – Real Estate Broker -

  • Through her humorous yet no nonsense delivery she combines a steady flow of useful working examples, theory and an arsenal of effective and time saving techniques and shortcuts to make your time far more efficient.

    - Lyle S. – Student -

  • … witty, clever, authentic and delivers powerful training.

    - Jennifer N. – Technical Recruiter -

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