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Dr Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy, is an international authority on email best practice. Author of The Executive Secretary Guide to Taking Control of Your Inbox and Brilliant Email, Monica enables organisations and individuals to manage their use of email more effectively to improve business and personal performance and communications.

Through her one-to one coaching, workshops and strategic consultancy, those who work with her are able to save time and dramatically reduce email overload, which has become one of the major drains on people’s productivity. Her clients are drawn from a wide range of organisations of all sizes from the public, private and not-for-profit sector.

Over the past fifteen years she has coached and trained thousands of business executives, at all levels in the organisation and from a wide variety of roles including CEOs, finance directors, warehouse managers, sales personnel, marketing, engineering, Assistants, EAs and receptionists.

Monica is a Visiting Fellow at Sir John Cass Business School, City University and Bournemouth University Business School. Her research includes the future of email and the use of social technology to improve communications.

Brilliant Email Management – workshops, masterclasses and webinars Improving Cyber Security for PAs and EAs Organizing Chaos: The Email Inbox One-to-one coaching
Dr Monica Seeley
  • It was very valuable to have Mesmo’s broader experience and its European and industry perspective into the types of email and IT challenges we all face as well as its insights into how they have been handled.

    - McGrigors LLP -

  • This was the second year I have attended the (Office) event and have booked 6 seminars over two days each time. I have to say that I got more from Monica’s one hour presentation than all of the others put together. Thank you – you are riveting to listen to and I now have a very short colourful inbox.

    - Pauline Woods Health and Case Management Ltd -

  • We recognise that technology alone could not solve the email overload problem…. After working with Mesmo, people say they are much more in control of their inboxes and universally they feel more productive. The time spent on email is reduced, there is less in their inbox, and best of all the emails are of a higher quality.

    - CIO Major clothing manufacturer -

  • Just caught the last 15 minutes of the webinar on “Taking control of your inbox “. I was so impressed, I’m going to immediately incorporate the  ” Executive summary one liner “  for all the emails for my boss..  Brilliant tip, Thank you !

    - PA to VP World leading Medical Device Company -

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