Software instructor and consultant focused on Microsoft Office, Power BI, collaboration with Microsoft 365

Neil Malek is a software instructor and consultant who partners with businesses and organizations to identify and close skill gaps, making their teams more effective and efficient. After twenty years of teaching, he believes that fun, real-world practice is the most functional way to build a practical skillset. With clients like Ernst & Young, Lockheed Martin, and the Chicago Bulls, he has consistently delivered the most impactful, high-energy, and enjoyable courses those businesses have offered their workforce. Neil is Principal at Knack Training, a US firm focused on Microsoft Office, Power BI, and collaboration with Microsoft 365.

File Triage: Quick Fixes to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Frustrations Outlook Inbox Organization and Automation  Outlook + OneNote: A Perfect Pair  Essential Excel: Best Practices, Shortcuts, and Templates  File Triage: Work Smarter, Not Harder  PowerPoint Power Tools 
Neil Malek
  • Thank you so much, Neil. I’ve found your videos and website resources so informative and helpful. Sadly, when I’ve felt I needed something more or different I’ve tried to find books but they never seem to be worth the money I pay for them. With all sincerity, your straight-forward, comprehensive approach tops any resource I’ve found to date! Thank you so much for your help!

    - Jill Jakulski, Ph.D. -

  • f there was ever a person put on this earth to teach you how to use all your software and make you feel you can do it easily, then it is Neil. Calming, reassuring, and patient, as well as really smart!

    - Rhonda Scharf -

  • Professional development instructor Neil Malek of Knack Training presented to a full house at the June Technology Forum. His subject, Techniques for Maximum Effeciency, drew one of the largest crowds since the forum’s inception.

    - Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce -

  • Neil is an absolute pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge of various technologies illustrates his value as an instructor, and Neil never hesitates to spend time working with us individually.

    - Chloe Stewart -

  • Neil Malek has gotten the highest marks of any instructor that has taught here at SRI. They said he was phenomenal.

    - Eileen Behr -

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