Motivational Speaker, Author, Career Coach

Peggy Vasquez works with Administrative Professionals, Managers, Human Resources and Conference Planners. She provides coaching and training for administrative professionals to increase their communication, partnerships and professionalism so they can make more money, get more work done and be happier at work on a daily basis.

Peggy is known internationally for her inspirational keynotes. She’s in high demand as a keynote speaker, she’s a relationship expert, a trainer and coach. For the past 16 years she’s focused and worked in personal development. Her passion and personal mission statement is “to empower others to succeed” and that is exactly what she’ll do for you. She’ll share knowledge and experience from over 25 years in the administrative profession, entertain you with humor and inspire you through passion.

Peggy is the author of Not Just An Admin! and Mean Girl No More, both available on Amazon.

Develop a Powerful Partnership with your Manager Developing Your Inner Circle Not, Just an Admin! Mentoring - The Essential Ingredient for Success Creating Authentic Business Connections Embracing Change Getting to the Corner Office: What you always wanted to know and were too afraid to ask! Tools and Techniques for Working with Difficult People Create Your Own Opportunities The Power of Attitude and Gratitude Embracing Change Executive Presence - What it is and how to get it! The BEST is Yet to Come! Personal Coaching
Peggy Vasquez
  • There are some women who want so badly to inspire you. Then there are women who are so inspirational that you want it just as badly for yourself. That is what Peggy Vasquez did for us. Two nights turned into a lifetime of friendship. Her external and INTERNAL beauty are breathtaking. We can’t wait to see her again! We love Peggy!

    - Annette Heffelfinger (Bogardus), Director of Administration -

  • We had the pleasure of having Peggy as the guest speaker at our administration retreat. Peggy’s workshop highlighted many facets of the administration field that are often taken for granted, but require an acute attention to detail and the ability to wear many hats at the same time. The information she was able to pass to our administrators was presented in a thoughtful and creative way that made the day quite enjoyable for all involved.

    More than that, Peggy interacted with our administrators before and after the workshop. She took the time to speak with each person one on one, answer any questions they may have had, and inquire about their unique administrative experiences.

    Since her workshop, we have seen a dramatic increase in our administrative productivity as well as the morale among our team. I definitely feel that the material learned at the workshop directly impacted the way each administrator felt about the way they view their position and the integral part they are to the team.

    - Stephanie Phillips, Regional Supervisor  -

  • Personable. That is what describes Peggy Vasquez best. We selected her to be the guest speaker at our Administrative Retreat but she was more than that. She took a personal interest in our individual Admins…not just as a collective whole. She spent time sitting and talking with them one on one. She has a gift of making everyone feel like more than “Just an Admin”. I don’t know that anyone else could have touched our team like she did. Since our weekend session, our Administrators have shown vast improvement in their performance levels. I thank Peggy for not only her time but giving our team a new window to look through with regard to their self worth and value.

    - Angie Holberg, Corporate Admin Manager -

  • On behalf of the Energy Northwest Administrative Development Committee (ADC) I would like to thank you for taking part in our Quarterly Admin Session.  Both of your talks “Powerful Partnerships” and “Interviewing Skills” were very informative and engaging.  By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator.  It was an honor to have you come and share your ideas. Thank you for the outstanding presentations and I hope we have the opportunity to have you visit again.

    - Nikki, Executive Assistant -

  • I took your workshop “Strengthening your Partnership with your Manager” at the APC conference in Chicago. I must say that your workshop was by far the most helpful and I am implementing a lot of what you touched on in my work with my new manager. Thanks so much.

    - Monique, Administrative Professionals Conference -

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