Founder and President of Pepitas Secretaries Club and CEO of Pepita Consultoria

Pepita Soler is the CEO of Pepita Consultoria, which provides human and organizational development programs to customers in the public, private and educational sectors across North America, Latin America and Europe.

She is also the Founder and President of Pepitas Secretaries Club, the largest educational club for Executive Assistants in Brazil and Latin America, designed to develop people skills, creativity, leadership, multicultural and business skills.

Pepitas Secretaries Club has delivered numerous training programs, innovation events and international immersion programs, as well as master classes and certifications that have impacted and transformed thousands of Executive Assistants in Brazil and around the world.

Pepita graduated in organizational psychology and corporate education – specializing in creativity and innovation. She is also a mentor, coach and speaker with international certifications in positive psychology, biocentric education, appreciative conversations, emotional intelligence, leadership development and high-performing teams. Pepita is also a member of the Executive Support Magazine Editorial Board.

The Innovative Assistant’s Journey: High Purpose, High People Skills, High Creativity
Pepita Soler

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