The MS Office Maestro

Known as The MS Office Maestro, Shelley has been a Microsoft Office trainer for over 20 years, delivering face to face training sessions, presenting at events and training people remotely with various online tools.

Helping administrators keep up to date with Microsoft Office has become a passion.

This is why Shelley set up Tomorrow’s VA – an online training suite of courses for busy assistants, helping them make the most of the software they use every day. From Microsoft Word, to PowerPoint, to Excel and Outlook and the new kid on the block Microsoft Teams.

Shelley is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and holds the COLF (Certified Online Learning Facilitator) and CDOL (Certified Designer of Online Learning) qualifications from The LPI.

Over the last several years Shelley has spoken or presented at a variety of events specifically aimed at PAs EAs and VAs helping them to improve the way they work. Events include The PA Show, Hemsley Fraser – PA and Administrator Conference and the Practically Perfect PA online summit.


The Assistant's Guide to Taming Microsoft Teams From Word to PowerPoint: the art of creating slides from a document End Your Outlook Overwhelm Enhance your PowerPoint Presentations Manage Your Data in Excel Introduction to Microsoft Excel Tables and Mail Merge in Word Microsoft Excel - Formula and Functions Microsoft Excel for Beginners
Shelley Fishel
  • One of the best things I did last year was to put Livvy, my PA, onto a 1-2-1 session with Shelley Fishel. She’s now flying on Teams and helping lots of our clients to figure it out too. Really, really great investment in both time and money. Liv found being able to have Shelley 1-2-1 was invaluable. #recommend

    - Jane Rennie, The Extraordinary Training Company -

  • Shelley was approachable, easy to work with, and agile with answering questions to apply the session to my specific needs.

    - Melissa Marshall - Present Your Science -

  • Shelley Fishel of Tomorrow’s VA has a wealth of experience in Microsoft Office. Her courses are a MUST and if you are a VA on mission she will catapult you to dizzy heights.

    - Alex Hughes - Auxilium Admin -

  • Shelley made the session very engaging and easy to understand. Although she had minimum time she got across all the main points we wanted to cover in an easy to understand manner. The session moved at a good place without feeling rushed. I’m now looking forward to reading the book!

    - Tracey Woodward -

  • The session was a great way of learning some hints and tricks that can instantly save you time on a daily basis. When you don’t always have enough time to learn and study Excel, it’s great to get some easy and fast ways of using the programme to help you work more efficiently.

    - Sarah Fearnly -

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