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Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional with more than 20 years of coaching, consulting and keynoting experience. She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. ( a global training and consulting organization that works with clients to build a culture of TEAM.

Susan is also the woman behind America’s top-rated Robert’s Rules of Order training site ( as well as the creator of “The Confident Woman Program”.

Susan is the perfect choice for a conference kick off or closing speaker as she is high energy, interactive, fun yet practical and relevant.

The Confident Woman Program: How to increase your confidence and be more assertive ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE: Make Your Meetings Matter SPEAK FEAR FREE: How to speak with confidence and get what you want LEADERSHIP BOOTCAMP: Leadership is not a title WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Empowering the leader in you From Group to TEAM – A Revolutionary New Way to Generate TEAM
Susan Leahy MA CSP
  • Susan Leahy is an enthusiastic and talented speaker who does more than simply motivate! Her ability to have each individual stop and understand the reasons for personal life failures and successes focuses each team member and puts an organization on a unified path of encouragement, synergy, and success! Thank you, Susan, for sharing your talent, energy, and insight. You are a powerful speaker and facilitator.

    - B.M. - Dean of Fine Arts & Media Technology, Saddleback College -

  • Susan’s introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order was one of the most meaningful workshops I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. Her mastery of the subject matter was only second to her engaging, substantive, and thought-provoking presentation. I thought she was joking when she promised to make Robert’s Rules personal to me — she was not. I was blown away and would recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to better understand and relate to Robert’s Rules of Order as a tool to build better more high functioning TEAMs.

    - A.S. - City of Oakland Auditor, City of Oakland -

  • I wanted to thank Susan Leahy and Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. for all that you have done for our AETC Command team. I love and appreciate your simple and practical approach. The “Group to Team” concept makes so much sense and was perfect for us here at AETC. While I know we are a difficult group, your training taught us how to shift our conversation to generate more experiences of TEAM. I personally learned how to get my power back. While there are many patterns that we still are caught in, the practices you shared during our training and webinars will support us in improving. I feel like we are doing so much better because of all of your help.


  • The statement, “Teaching isn’t just talking and learning isn’t just listening.” is not original with me; I could not tell you where I heard it first. But as a teacher for over 30 years or so at all grade levels from elementary to graduate school, I can tell you Susan is not just talking, she teaches! Students are not just listening, they are learning!


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