International speaker and panelist. Expertise in body language, start-ups and financial services

Yvette worked as an EA within Financial Services for more than a decade, in large blue-chip organisations, start-ups, and everything in between. She was working in an investment bank during the 2008 crash, and has worked at two different start-ups. Yvette has worked with large teams, and as a 1-1 PA, and is a Fellow of the Global PA Association. She now works as a Sales Operations manager in the aerospace industry.

Yvette’s continued support for the Administrative profession extends to speaking at international events and panels, and writing articles specialising in body language, working at start-up organisations, and how to work with different types of people. She is a seasoned networker and speaker, Q&A host and panelist. She has built several of her own websites and is currently writing a book on how to work with different personality types.

Yvette lives in Surrey, UK and when she isn’t working or travelling, she will most likely be at the gym or working on her latest business idea.

Body Language in the Office Start-Ups and Downs Transferable Skills of an Assistant
Yvette Pearson
  • Yvette Pearson’s talk at the Cobis PAConference, in Luxembourg was really interesting and engaging. She spoke passionately about the topic, which was thought-provoking and fascinating. She held the audience’s attention extremely well and provided many opportunities for interaction. The advice and tips were invaluable and will certainly provide an opportunity for personal reflection too. I  cannot recommend her enough.

    - Sandy Chander - PA to Ricky Martin (BBC Apprentice winner) -

  • I had the pleasure of connecting and spending time with Yvette Pearson at the COBIS PA Conference in Luxembourg – 7-8th March 2019. From the onset, I was impressed with Yvette’s passion, professionalism and enthusiasm.

    Yvette delivered an inspiring keynote speech on – The art of understanding Body Language. She made this thought-provoking topic very easy to understand and interpret. Yvette has a very cool and calm manner and shares her message in a professional and light hearted way.

    At the end of the event I had the privilege of being part of a panel with Yvette. It is clear she has great confidence and flare to public speaking.

    - Samina Azam - Executive Assistant, Coca-Cola European Partners -

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