Tae Lee

Tae Lee is the CEO and founder of TRAVO, the only trip planning and booking tool built for administrative professionals. We have spent the past two years speaking to thousands of administrative professionals round the world and finding out what their pain points were when planning travel. Our goal is to make travel planning easy and fast, because it shouldn’t feel like climbing the world’s tallest mountain.

Learn more about TRAVO by signing up through www.travo.com/executivesecretary. We are are offering all subscribers who sign up through this page their own personal client success manager, who will be there to answer any questions you may have, as well as help you plan and book any upcoming trips.

Tae’s Session:

AUDACIOUS Travel Planning Tips with TRAVO

Travel planning for others can be a complicated puzzle. In this discussion, Debbi Shaffer, The Audacious Admin, and Tae Lee, Founder & CEO of TRAVO, share some tips on how to look awesome and plan the perfect trip for your travelers. They focus on new technology and tips on how you can make the trip a success every time.

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