Tammy Schroppel

Tammy Schroppel is the owner of Janus Investigative Solutions, a company specializing in providing safety and privacy consultations and training solutions for individuals, companies, and organizations, as well as high-level threat assessments and investigative services.  Ms. Schroppel has personally investigated, assessed, and managed thousands of stalking cases (including cases of celebrity obsessed fans) and her endeavors have resulted in the prevention of numerous encounters that could have ended in violence.

Ms. Schroppel has been a threat assessment practitioner, safety / privacy consultant, and private investigator for over 15 years.  An expert in stalking behaviors and its intersection with other crimes of targeted violence, she has also designed, developed and implemented safety and privacy solutions for high profile clients, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations (including educational and religious facilities).

Ms. Schroppel graduated with honors from UCLA and continues her education by taking regular advanced training courses from notable instructors.  She is the author of several articles on stalking, as well as co-author of research articles published in noted academic journals.  She has also authored and contributed to numerous training manuals for clients, executive protection professionals, domestic violence groups, and other organizations.

Her strong academic and research background, coupled with her experience in the field, has provided her with a keen understanding of the human condition. By interviewing numerous offenders who stalked their prey, she has gained a unique perspective into the thought processes of obsessed and potentially violent individuals and learned how to better protect her clients.  As an expert in stalking behaviors and its intersection with other crimes (such as Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Cyber-Stalking, etc.), Ms. Schroppel provides unique training on various topics to diverse groups of individuals, ranging from executive protection professionals, members of law enforcement, and military personnel, to corporate executives, students, and parents.

Tammy’s Session:

Dealing With Inappropriate Communications

The importance of identifying persons of concern before they terrorize your workplace

Robert Bardo.  Arthur Jackson.  Mark Chapman.  John Hinckley.  All are stalkers who targeted and attacked well-known public figures.  Chances are that you have heard their names and their crimes, but are you aware of the significance of their pre-crime communications and behaviors?  Assistants are often on the front lines between troubled individuals and their employers.  Being able to identify warning behaviors and then knowing what to do can significantly impact your safety in the workplace.

This introductory webinar will educate executive assistants working for anyone in the public eye (including celebrities, politicians, executives, community leaders, etc.) about the importance of communications and behaviors of concern.  We will look at publicized cases to familiarize you with some of the behaviors of concern, how to deal with inappropriate communications, provide basic tactics to handling troublesome individuals, and resources to assist in reducing your risk.

While effective threat assessment and management requires a trained professional, the material presented is informational in nature and meant only as a general overview of the basics of inappropriate communications, often received by executives and their staff.

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